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                HUMANE HERO

        PYROPHYTIC                                                            CLUES

       PLANTS!                                                              1  I like to sleep hunched up

                                                                               in small places — in the wild,
                                                                               I sleep in rock crevices to hide
                                                                                from predators.

                                                                            2  I don't sweat, so even as a pet
        Think pyrophytic sounds like a super power? It is! Pyrophytic plants   my home should be kept at
        resist fire! And pyrophytic plants actually need fire for their seeds    60-70 degrees Fahrenheit.
        to sprout. Trees such as pines have adapted to fire in order to thrive.   3  nstead of bathing in water,
        Some pinecones need to get fiery hot to release their seeds. This special   I take sand baths!
        type of cone is called a serotinous cone. A serotinous cone is covered
        with a layer of resin, a sticky, sap-like substance. The resin seals the   4  I can jump very high —
     opposite page: redrover. this page, from top: thomas dutour/bigstock; alkir/bigstock.
        seeds in the cone, like glue. The cone often only bursts open during     sometimes more than six feet!
        a forest fire when the heat melts the resin.                        5  I am known for my soft, dense
                                                                                fur — I have 60-90 hairs for
             Fire gives pine trees three things they need to regenerate,        one follicle — an area in my
             or regrow:
                                                                                skin where my hair grows from.
             • Fire clears the forest canopy so sunlight can reach the
                young seedlings.                                            6   Since I am a prey animal in
                                                                               the wild, I startle easily. When
             • It heats up the pinecones which releases the seeds from         I am a pet, my home should
                their cones.                                                   be quiet.
             • Fire also clears the leaves on the forest floor. This process  7  I communicate with others
               allows the seeds to absorb more minerals from the soil to       of my species with high-
               germinate, or begin to grow and develop.                        pitched grunts, chirps, and
                                                                               hiccuping noises!

                                                                            8  My teeth never stop growing,
                                  Q:  Which animals eat pinecones               so I need to eat a lot of hay
                                         as their main food source?             to wear them down.

                                  A:  Red and grey squirrels, and            What am I?
                                        birds like quails, woodpeckers,
                                        and turkeys

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