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KN: Why is it important to understand insects?                                  KN: How can
                                                                                        children help
        MM: Insects are pretty much at the base                                         insects?
        of most ecosystems on this planet. Humans
        depend on insects for agriculture. They make silk                               MM: Go into
        and honey. They are food for many other animals                                 your garden,
        including humans. Yet we've barely scratched the                                backyard, or local
        surface of what we know about them.                                             park and observe
                                                                                        them. Take photos
                                                                                        and upload them
                                                                                        to websites like
        KN: Can you describe your typical day?                                          iNaturalist. You can

        MM: An entomologist could be working in                                         plant native plants
        the lab identifying insects under the microscope.                               to attract native
        You could be in a museum taking a look at their                                 insects. And if
        insect collection. You could be in the field                                    your parents are
        (outdoors) collecting insects, or running experiments.                          squashing bugs in
                                                            your house, tell them not to do that. Just calmly
                                                            put them in a box or a cup and take them outside.

        KN: What is the coolest thing you’ve
                                                            KN: So, do bugs fart?
        MM: With the show Bug Hunter! I got to go to
        Canada and see the caterpillars of giant swallowtail   MM: Yes. The larvae of dragonflies use gas to
        butterflies. They look like bird poo. It is incredible.   propel them in water. It helps to catch their prey.
        They look brown with little white patches and they   It’s really quite awesome.
        glisten a bit, like a freshly-laid poo.



                                 Want to study insects like Morgane? She says all you need is an outdoor space
                                 or a park and a notebook. See what the ants are doing and where they’re
                                 going. Ask yourself questions. Take notes and take pictures if you can.
                                 You can upload your photos to nature apps like iNaturalist, where scientists
                                 identify them. It can help to see how certain insects are spreading. You can
                                 also use the Bug Hunter app to “visit” bug habitats to learn more about what
                                 makes them so amazing — and even put virtual bugs in your room! Make sure
                                 you ask a parent or guardian’s permission before downloading!
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