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                                     BUGS FART?

                                    DO THEY GO

                                ON VACATION?

                               Morgane Merien has received some fun questions

                                  hosting a TV show called Bug Hunter! As an
                                  entomologist, she studies insects. Morgane
                                    (pronounced "More-gon") spoke with us
                                    from her home in New Zealand — a place

                                       known for insects like blue-green
                                           cave-dwelling glowworms.


                            WITH A BUG SCIENTIST

                             KIND NEWS: Why did you decide to study insects?
     opposite page: redrover.  MORGANE MERIEN: I’ve always loved animals, and insects have

                             always been included in that. As a child I spent so much time outside [on the
                             tropical island territory of New Caledonia, near Australia]. We didn’t have a TV,
                             so I just spent a lot of time outside exploring. I became really comfortable with
                             the insect life.

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