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           issue:                           Summer is almost here! Warm weather and fun
                                            times at the beach also bring a higher chance of hurricanes and
                                            fires. Natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, and fires happen, but
                                            with good planning, people and pets can stay safe. Here is a checklist
                                            of tips for you and your family to prepare your pets for natural disasters.
                                                   Microchips and collars, for each pet, with tags that include
                                                     your current phone number
                        4                          A crate, carrier, or safe enclosure for each pet to travel in

                     Careers with                  A plan for where your whole family — including pets — will
                    Animals Part 1:
                     Entomologist                 stay if your family needs to evacuate, or leave your house
                                                  for a period of time
                                            When you make your plan, think about family, friends, and neighbors
                                            to include. Share information that can be helpful to everyone.
                        7                   Think about what your pets might need if they were
                                            away from your home for a few days. Make a list
                       Amazing              and put this in your plan. Make sure you have      VISIT
                       World:               what they might need ready to go in case you    REDROVER.ORG/

                      Pyrophytic            need to evacuate.                                DISASTERTIPS
                                                                                              FOR MORE
                                                            What is a microchip?

                        8                                       A microchip is a tiny bit of electronic parts used to
                                                                          identify lost pets. The chip, which is smaller than your
                        To the              fingernail, goes under a pet’s skin in a similar way that you or your pets
                      Meet Max!             get a shot to keep you healthy. The chip stays under the skin and won’t
                                            fall off the way a collar or tag could. Veterinarians, rescue workers,
                                            and animal shelter staff have scanners to check for microchips. If your
                                            pet is ever lost, they will scan your pet for a microchip and call you!
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