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                           Meet Max, a survivor of the
                             2018 Paradise Camp Fire.

        Meet Max!                                                              Kind Questions

        November 8, 2018 started like any   However, the dog in the video      Now that you've read
        other morning for the Yeager family.  looked nothing like their fluffy   Kind News, challenge
        Michel, the mom of the family, woke   white and grey Husky. This dog   yourself with these
        up and let Max, their one-year-old   was brown and badly burnt.        questions.
        Siberian Husky-mix, outside. Michel   Even though Max looked different   1.  Before reading "Being an
        dropped her daughters off at school   when the family arrived at the     Entomologist," had you
        and headed to work. That’s when    hospital, the girls recognized him    ever thought about a job
        she got a call: a huge wildfire was   almost immediately! He wasn’t      like this? What ideas did
        breaking out in town!              feeling well, but they were so happy   reading the article give
                                                                                 you about what you might
           The fire moved quickly. Michel   they found him. The veterinarians    like to do for a job when
        picked up her kids and drove home,   took care of Max, making sure his   you are older, or what
        grabbing as much as she could.     burns healed nicely. He had to wear   ideas did you already
        Smoke was filling the air, making    a cone for a while when he came     have for this?
        it hard to see and even hard to    home. Over time, he got back to     2.  Social awareness is
        breathe! They looked for Max       his normal, playful, and goofy self!   noticing how others
        everywhere, but he was nowhere       What tips does Max’s mom have        might be feeling or
        to be found. They had to make the   for making sure you are disaster-     thinking and how this
        tough decision to leave without Max.  ready? “Make sure you have all your   relates to how they are
           Michel posted about Max online to  important documents in one place    acting. How do both
        try to find him. One day, she came   so they are easy to grab and go.     Humane Hero Kaitlin and    cover: redrover. this page: redrover.
                                                                                  Morgane the entomologist
        across a news video. Someone found  Also, make sure your dog has a collar   show that they have social
        a dog with a collar that said “Max.”   with your information on it. That’s   awareness? What is one
                                           how we were able to identify Max!”     thing you have done in
                                                                                  your life that shows
                                                                                  social awareness?

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