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The Restricted Adventures of Raja Empathy App

The Restricted Adventures of Raja is an interactive, bilingual digital book series about animals and emotions that helps kids consider the well-being of others. Books 1, 2 and 3 are individual apps, each containing a continuing adventure story in a graphic novel format, questions, fun facts and games. The interactive questions encourage conversations with kids that help them recognize emotional states, share emotional states through self- and social awareness, and regulate emotions to make better decisions and build stronger relationships. 

Animal-Themed Lesson Plans

Interactive lesson plans to teach important topics like perspective-taking and understanding animal behavior

Ways for your Child(ren) to help Animals

Learn ways kids can help raise money for animals! From hosting a RedRover birthday party to having a “Pennies for Pups” fundraiser at your school, there are plenty of ways to get started.

Coloring Pages & Activities

Download free animal-themed coloring pages & activities for kids to further enforce humane-themed concepts!

RedRover Readers

Teach kids empathy skills with RedRover Readers. RedRover Readers trains educators to use stories about animals to expand children’s awareness of emotions and others’ perspectives, inspiring them to make the world a better place.  NEW! All educators who take a RedRover Readers workshop, online or in-person, get a free one-year, classroom subscription to Kind News magazine!


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