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Kind News magazine

Kind News™ magazine is an eight-page publication published by RedRover ®, a national animal welfare nonprofit organization, that helps children understand and respect animals and think about why treating animals and people with kindness matters. The magazine encourages both empathy and critical thinking in children by celebrating the human-animal bond and helps motivate children to take action to improve the lives of animals.

Kind News uses engaging articles and short features to emphasize issues affecting animals and provide tips for understanding animal behavior and caring for pets. Its appealing design and interactive content help enhance children’s enjoyment of reading, as well as spark critical thinking and thoughtful discussion.

Kind News is aligned with national teaching standards and can be easily integrated into school curriculum. The magazine can be ordered for an individual child (individual home subscription) or for a classroom. There are five issues throughout the school year for both home and classroom subscriptions.

Our History

Kind News magazine started in 1983. It used to be called KIND News: “Kids in Nature’s Defense!” It was originally published by National Association for Humane and Environmental Education (NAHEE), which was the youth education division of The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). HSUS continued to produce the magazine until 2017, when Kind News found a home at RedRover.

Our Team

Meet the team behind Kind News!

Print Cinch

Print and distribution hub for Kind News magazine

Sass Creative Studios

Sass Studios

Design Consultant for Kind News magazine

Education Advisors and Contributors

Heidi Colonna

Writer and editor for Kind News magazine

Amelia Saris

Amelia Saris

Kind News Manager for RedRover, writer and editor for Kind News magazine

Karly Noel

Karly Noel

Vice President of Operations and Education for RedRover, editor for Kind News magazine

Sarah Kesty

Sarah Kesty

Education Advisor for RedRover Readers and Kind News magazine

Johanna Casao

Communications Manager for RedRover, editor for Kind News magazine


Minhhan Lam

Program and Community Coordinator II for RedRover, contributing writer and editor for Kind News magazine

Claire Downie

Claire Downie

Membership and Administrative Assistant for RedRover, contributing writer for Kind News magazine