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Are you an animal shelter or humane organization interested in bringing Kind News to your community?

Adopt a classroom(s), school, or district so they receive Kind News magazine for free!

“My 2nd grade students love Kind News. They connect with the beautiful photos of animals and engage in the on-level informational text articles that teach them facts that interest them. When I pull out Kind News for our reading task, the kids cheer. They also enjoy the word searches and tasks built into the magazine. Kind News is a great source of reading fun and instruction for my readers!”

-Angela Schmidt, 2nd grade, Rockford, Illinois

“I have been providing Kind News magazines to students in three school districts in my area for the past four years, mostly to 2nd and 3rd grades. This magazine teaches children the importance of treating animals with kindness and respect. I am happy to provide this wonderful resource to children, as it also fits well in their reading curriculum.”

-Pamela Van Hoose, Columbus, Ohio

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