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Help bring Kind News magazine to students! Through the Adopt-a-Classroom program, humane agencies, businesses and individuals or groups can “adopt” elementary school classes by providing them with subscriptions of Kind News. RedRover maintains a waiting list of classroom teachers who would like to have a subscription sent to their classroom. See below for more information.


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“My 2nd grade students love Kind News. They connect with the beautiful photos of animals and engage in the on-level informational text articles that teach them facts that interest them. When I pull out Kind News for our reading task, the kids cheer. They also enjoy the word searches and tasks built into the magazine. Kind News is a great source of reading fun and instruction for my readers!”

-Angela Schmidt, 2nd grade, Rockford, Illinois

Other Ways to Fund Your Classroom

For a full list of ideas on how to fund your classroom, including letter templates for funding requests, click here.

  • Since a year-long classroom subscription to Kind News is only $30.00, you could fund your classroom for one school year by requesting that each student bring in a small amount at the beginning of the year. For example, if you have a class with 30 students, you could ask that each student brings in $1.00.
  • Why not get your students directly involved by having a class bake sale, car wash or other fun activity that reaches your community? You may even be able to raise the money for your subscription by holding just one of these events.
  • Request to speak at your next meeting for your school’s PTO, PTA or parent organization to ask the organization to consider funding the magazine for your classroom or even your entire grade level. Be sure to explain that Kind News not only teaches students why treating people and animals with kindness matters, but can also be integrated into many subject areas to enhance students’ reading levels and knowledge of content-focused subjects such as Science.


Get paired with a classroom to adopt!

“I have been providing Kind News magazines to students in three school districts in my area for the past four years, mostly to 2nd and 3rd grades. This magazine teaches children the importance of treating animals with kindness and respect. I am happy to provide this wonderful resource to children, as it also fits well in their reading curriculum.”

-Pamela Van Hoose, Columbus, Ohio

  • If you’d like to support one of our classrooms waiting, give now using the form below.
  • If you have a classroom in mind, please order online at or contact us  and we will work with you to set up your order.
  • By submitting this form, you are supporting a specific classroom in need. Your purchase is not tax-deductible. Supporting a classroom with Kind News magazine does not renew your tax-deductible membership with RedRover.

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