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Meet Tanooki the Bunny

Tanooki the white bunny with black ears

Tanooki was less than a year old when he was left behind at a park. Two Kind News writers heard about him and rescued him! He was featured in the “To the Rescue” story in the January/February 2021 issue of Kind News magazine. Watch the video below to learn more about Tanooki!

Tanooki Photo Gallery

Tanooki Video Gallery

What should I do if I find a pet that needs help?

  1. Make sure you are safe! Sometimes, lost animals are scared and can be dangerous. 
  2. Ask for an adult’s help to attempt to catch the animal.
  3. Make sure you don’t scare the animal. Move slowly and cautiously.
  4. Create a barrier, like a leash, blanket, or rope to keep the animal in the area. We used an exercise pen to corner Tanooki against a house.
  5. BE CAREFUL! Animals might bite if they are scared. Make sure to read the animals’ body language to make sure they won’t bite you. Wearing long sleeves and gloves can help protect you too.
  6. Bring snacks! We almost caught Tanooki by luring him with a piece of banana. (Make sure the snacks are safe for the animal you’re trying to catch).
  7.  Call for backup if you need help. Your local animal control agency might be able to assist you.
Woman holding banana in front of rabbit in the park

Once you catch the animal, check to see if they have a microchipa tiny chip between their shoulders that tells you if they have an owner. You can get their microchip scanned for free at a vet office, the animal shelter, or sometimes even at pet stores! 

Thinking of adopting a pet rabbit?

Take the time to talk through this decision carefully with your family. Rabbits need specialized care to be happy, healthy and safe. Read The Forgotten Rabbit by Nancy Furstinger. To find out if your home is the right place for a rabbit, visit the House Rabbit Society.