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Kind News, Jr. September October 2021 cover. Photographer with red hair, holding camera with arm around pitbull dog. Dog has a camera around their neck as well.

Kind News Digital Issue

September/October 2021

Welcome to the digital version of Kind News magazine! Check out our features, like drawing, sounds, and activities, all within the magazine!

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© RedRover. All rights reserved. Kind News™ may not be reproduced in any form without written permission from RedRover.  Student contributions may be edited for readability. The classroom edition of Kind News is published five times a year, September through May. A classroom subscription, subsidized by charitable donations, is available at $30 per year and each issue includes 28 copies of Kind News plus a teacher guide. Kind News is also available as a single-copy home subscription, published five times a year, including a parent guide, for $10 per subscription.

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