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5 Ways to Help Shelter Pets

Animal shelters are in need of money, supplies, and volunteers now more than ever! Learn about why pets are travelling across the country to find fur-ever homes in the March/April 2024 issue of Kind News, and click below to read about how you and your family can help!

Explore the world with Sy Montgomery!

Rwanda, French Guiana, and Borneo. These are just some of the places author and naturalist Sy Montgomery visited to meet the animals of her dreams. She became friends with gorillas and emus and an octopus to name a few! Scroll down to “The Voyages of Sy Montgomery” to view an interactive map of Sy’s travels and click on a critter to learn more.  

Girl Scout Troop 42017 helps the Humane Rescue Alliance!

Girl Scout Troop 42017 helped people and pets at the Humane Rescue Alliance by making blankets for shelter pets, collecting towels to donate, and preparing bags of pet food for the HRA’s Pet Pantry. Read more about Troop 42017 in the January/February 2024 issue of Kind News magazine!

Helping a pet pantry, together!

Troop 42017 explains step-by-step how they made donations of cat and dog food for the Humane Rescue Alliance, helping pets and their people who use the HRA’s pet pantry! Do you want to start a group that helps animals or people? Check out our club planning tips to see how you and your friends can get started!

Learning to be kind to animals has never been so fun!

Are you a kid looking for fun ways to learn about animals and help them? We have lots of ideas, like joining our Junior Advisory Board or watching videos about animals on our RedRover Reporters YouTube channel! Ask your parent if you can subscribe to the magazine or learn more!

Share a
Kindness Story

Have you done something amazing for animals? With the help of a parent or guardian, submit your story for a chance for them to be featured in Kind News magazine!

Ways to
Help Animals

Learn ways kids can help raise money for animals! From hosting a RedRover birthday party to having a “Pennies for Pups” fundraiser at your school, there are plenty of ways to get started!

Coloring Pages & Activities

Download free animal-themed coloring pages & activities to learn about animals!

The Restricted Adventures of Raja Empathy App

It’s the year 2050; the Earth has mysteriously become a dreadful, unkind place full of angry, lonely people and animals wandering the streets with no homes. Raja, a warrior from another world, has been sent on a mission… But his fate takes a sudden turn when he becomes compelled to help a lonely Earth boy, AJ. The only problem? Once Raja arrives on Earth, he discovers that he’s been transformed from a brave warrior into a domestic — and fearful — Earth cat!

Ask your parent/guardian if you can download the app on a phone or tablet to read the full graphic novel!