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Humane Hero Rashad Evans on youth activism

Humane Hero Rashad with his dog Buddy

Last year, RedRover’s Junior Advisory Board welcomed Humane Hero Rashad Evans, to speak about his youth activism helping both people and animals. Youth from all over the United States joined the call. Rashad explained to attendees how he advocates for people and animals:

“I really don’t like to see people and animals in pain so I usually just try to help them to the best of my ability – it makes me feel better seeing them recover if they ever got hurt emotionally or physically.”

Rashad started helping people and animals when he was 10 years old by rescuing smaller animals, like frogs and chipmunks, out of window wells. Many attendees didn’t know what window wells were, so we pulled up a picture to see together.

Rashad shared that he puts on gloves to help scoop out animals that may have fallen into the large window well holes. Many window wells are too tall for animals to climb out, so he walks around his neighborhood and checks to make sure there aren’t any animals that might need his help.

Rashad has helped others by speaking at rallies to share his stories and experiences as a young Black man in America. He also told listeners that he helps others sometimes by just listening:

“Sometimes I help them by just talking with them. Sometimes when people are emotionally hurt, some people just need someone to talk to or listen to them.”

And his favorite part about helping people? “Seeing them recover and walk out with a smile on their face.”

Rashad was then asked about advice he could give listeners about making a difference. He said, “Always start with the little things, because the little things snowball into the bigger things.”

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