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Critter Clues

From the September/October 2020 issue of Kind News magazine

Hairy leg of critter
  • 1
    Clue #1
    I have four pairs of eyes which help me hunt prey and get around quickly and easily.
  • 2
    Clue #2
    I have scopulae, sticky hairs on my feet, that help me hold onto glass or other smooth surfaces.
  • 3
    Clue #3
    My name comes from my ability to jump very long distances. I can jump up to six times my body length!
  • 4
    Clue #4
    Instead of trapping my prey, I catch it by jumping on it, and my binocular vision helps me judge depth.
  • 5
    Clue #5
    I plan my motions depending on what I need to do! In one study, I showed that when my prey is closer, I choose faster, lower jumps to increase the chances that I will catch it.
  • 6
    Clue #6
    Even though I don’t have ears, I can still sense sound — the sensory hairs on my body take in sound wave vibrations, which send signals to my brain.
  • 7
    Clue #7
    To attract a mate, I sing a special song and dance!

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