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Critter Clues

From the November/December 2021 issue of Kind News magazine

  • 1
    Clue #1
    My name means “long tail,” and I got the name because of my long tail feathers.
  • 2
    Clue #2
    When I am kept as a pet, I am happiest with another of my species.
  • 3
    Clue #3
    I have great vision, and I can even move my eyes separately from one another!
  • 4
    Clue #4
    I can often be taught to talk and do tricks!
  • 5
    Clue #5
    My beak grows quickly — up to three inches a year — so when I am kept as a pet I will need something to help me keep my beak from getting too long, such as a cuttlebone.
  • 6
    Clue #6
    I am a popular pet all around the world.
  • 7
    Clue #7
    I am sometimes called a “budgie.”

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