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Critter Clues

From the May/June 2022 issue of Kind News magazine

Scaly, brown creature on four legs
  • 1
    Clue #1
    I am the only mammal in the world who grows scales!
  • 2
    Clue #2
    I am nocturnal, which means I am active at night.
  • 3
    Clue #3
    When I’m scared, I roll myself up into a ball.
  • 4
    Clue #4
    4 I love eating insects — I can eat up to 70 million a year!
  • 5
    Clue #5
    My tongue can be as long as my body, up to 28 inches! I use it to snack on the insects I find.
  • 6
    Clue #6
    Even though I look and act similar to an anteater, I am more closely related to cats, dogs, and bears.
  • 7
    Clue #7
    I live in many different habitats, such as rainforests and grasslands.

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