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Critter Clues

From the March/April 2021 issue of Kind News magazine

Photo of the bottom of a bird with feathers on a branch
  • 1
    Clue #1
    I get my name from the sad-sounding call that I make..
  • 2
    Clue #2
    I eat mostly seeds, but once in a while I may eat snails or insects.
  • 3
    Clue #3
    In 1971, I was designated as Wisconsin’s official symbol of peace!
  • 4
    Clue #4
    Because of my long, pointed wings and tail, I can fly very fast — sometimes up to 55 miles per hour!
  • 5
    Clue #5
    When I lay eggs, I almost always lay two at a time.
  • 6
    Clue #6
    I’m sometimes called by the name “turtledove.”
  • 7
    Clue #7
    When I find my mate, it is often for life! We work together to feed our babies.

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