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Club Planning Tips

✨It's true: Team work makes the dream work!✨

If you love animals and want to help, you can do even more as a group.

Where to begin? Here are some basic tips to get your Kind Club off the ground!

1. Talk to Your Friends. Tell them your ideas for club goals. Do you want to raise money to help pets in need, provide food or supplies to your local shelter, or clean up your community for people and animals? What do you friends want to do? Decide together on one or two main goals.

2. Find an Advisor. An adult advisor can help you get organized. Share your goals with a teacher, scout leader, parent, or other trusted adult who can help. You can also call your local animal shelter to see if they have a youth club! If they don’t, tell staff members that you’re interested in starting one. There may be someone there who can work with you.

3. Plan the Details. Your advisor will find a place where you can hold meetings. Help decide on a time, date, and things to talk about at your club’s first meeting. Help make an agenda or plan for your meeting. A good way to start is to introduce members to one another and discuss the goals of the group.

4. Spread the Word. Make fliers advertising the club’s first meeting. Include a photo or artwork to get people’s attention. Make sure the flier includes the date, time, and location of the meeting. Include some of the goals that your club hopes to accomplish. Then help post the fliers around school, libraries, and community centers. Just make sure you have permission beforehand. If your club will meet at school, ask to use your school’s Public Announcement system to make an announcement. Write down what you want to say, and let everyone know they are welcome.

5. Welcome Members. At your first meeting, explain with your advisor why you decided to form the club and what you hope to accomplish. Discuss a few problems facing animals and why they need help. Collect the names of each club member at the meeting. Choose a name for your club! Ask members for ideas, and vote on it. Decide how often you will meet, and the first task you’ll work on. Good luck, and please send news of your club activities to —We may feature you in Kind News!

Girl Scout Troop 42017 made blankets for cats at their local animal shelter!
Troop 42017 delivered food, blankets, and other supplies to the Human Rescue Alliance's Pet Pantry!
Cover of January/February issue of Kind News magazine. Cover features illustration of woman with blonde hair (named Sy Montgomery) meeting an Australian bird called a cassowary.
Read more about Troop 42017 in the January/February 2024 issue to learn how clubs like yours can make a difference!