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An Interview with Tiana

After Tiana was featured on the cover of the November/December 2020 issue of Kind News magazine, her school and local shelter recognized all the ways she’s been helping animals! We followed up with Tiana to see what she has been up to since she appeared in Kind News magazine.

Kind News magazine cover, Nov Dec 2020

Kind News: What was it like for you to be featured on the cover of Kind News magazine? 

Tiana: I was very happy to be featured in the magazine. It was so cool seeing my face so gigantic on the cover. My family was very proud of me and even shared the magazine with their friends. 

Kind News: What was it like to be recognized for your accomplishments, and where else have you been featured? 

Tiana: Being recognized for my accomplishments made me feel so happy because I felt like I was really helping people. I also felt encouraged! I wanted to create classes to help kids learn more about pets and how to take care of them. Being featured on different websites, because of Kind News magazine, was amazing. I wasn’t even aware that I was on some of them! Some of them include Inside NOVA, Prince William County public school newsletter, Prince William SPCA, Facebook and Twitter, News Break, and Prince William Living. I was also featured on the Prince William County animal shelter’s Facebook page when I organized a pet food drive last month. 

Kind News: What are some of the ways you are helping animals? How long have you been helping animals?

Tiana: One of the ways that I have been helping animals is through the pet food drive that I organized. I collected 100 lbs of food from two Girl Scout troops for our local animal shelter. I also made dog toys, blankets, and beds for the shelter. Through my website, I received donations of material that I plan to use to create dog toys and beds. In addition, I am a Girl Scout and I have helped animals with my troop for about six years. I am excited about the next pet food drive that I am planning that will include 20 Girl Scout troops. I enjoy teaching others about pet care. I gave a presentation on cat grooming to my Girl Scout troop, my classmates, and later my school.

Kind News: What do you like best about being on the RedRover Junior Advisory Board?

Tiana: The thing that I like most about being on the Junior Advisory Board is that I have the opportunity to create content for their YouTube channel. I like that I have Kind News to share my creativity with.

Cat and girlKind News: What message do you want to send to other kids looking to make a difference? What advice do you have for them?

Tiana: My advice to kids wanting to make a difference is that everyone has a talent, and that talent can be used to help animals. If you’re an artist, you can use your talent to create detailed art about animals. If you’re good at public speaking, you can bring awareness to issues concerning animals, such as how global warming affects animals around the world. And if you’re like me, and like coming up with awesome ideas, you can partner with some of your friends and share your ideas with them. It’s fun to do and rewarding to know that you’re bringing awareness and helping animals have a better life.

Kind News: Is there anything else you would like to let us know?

Tiana: I would like everyone to know that by combining our talents, we can become an unstoppable animal-loving, animal-saving team!

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