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Pet Corner

        At home with pets

        Even though kids have been away from their friends and relatives

        during the COVID-19 pandemic, they have grown closer to their
        pets at home. Have you been getting to know your family or pets

        better because of the quarantine? See how these kids have been
        spending time with their pets.

                                                                    the time of staying
                                                                                             old Tiana
                                                                   away from others to
                                                                                            says, “My
                                                                    prevent the spread
                                                                       of disease.
                                                                                          cat Buster
                                                                                     ran away and

                                                                             was lost for three weeks.
                                                                             With the help of some
                                                                             very kind neighbors,

                                          Ten-year-old John says,            we were able to bring

                                          “Brownie likes to go on            him home. Buster is 16
        Nine-year-old Stella              walks. Brownie and I               years old. We do lazy

        rescued two guinea                play around the house,             cat things like lounge
        pigs, Rufus and                   and I try to teach him             and read. Buster makes

        Reggie. Stella says,              new tricks, like how to            me feel happy to have
        “Rufus is more shy                hop up on my bed —                 him back with me.”

        than Reggie. They                 my bed is pretty high.
        have taught me how                I also give him a bath,

        to be more gentle                 so that he does not
        and responsible. I                smell stinky. During

        clean their cage and              quarantine, we have
        feed them. They                   gotten really close.

        make staying home                 Now, I get a chance to
        more fun. They are                see Brownie all day,

        so funny!"                        which he loves."

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