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When schools closed in Massachusetts because of the COVID-19 pandemic,

        Jayden and Brianna Anderson and their stepsister Madison got what
        they begged for: Their family adopted two kittens, Merlin and Mystique,

        from the Dakin Humane Society.

           “It was all done with videos,

           texts, and phone chat,” says

           Mr. Anderson. The shelter met

           adopters outside. The workers

           wore masks in the building.

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           In Virginia, the Prince William
        County Animal Shelter had more

        volunteers than usual sign up to

        take care of animals in their homes.
        Volunteers who take care of very                   Check with an adult for how you can
        young or sick shelter pets in their                help safely. Many shelters need pet

        homes are called foster caregivers.                food. They give the pet food to

        A volunteer named Ingrid Sensor                    people who need it for their pets.
        cared for three kittens who were
        without a mother. They were

        brought to the shelter in a shoebox                  “Taking care of animals is something

        at just two weeks old.                               to look forward to and enjoy when
           You can help! Ask an animal shelter               there is so much we can no longer do,”
        in your community what it needs.
                                                             says Ms. Sensor.

                                                     Prince William SPCA, a group that
                                                                         supports the county shelter, gives
                                                                         Kind News to over 450 classrooms!
                                                                         That’s more than 13,000 students!

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