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       Find lesson plans, games, and
       more activities for your students.       Teacher Guide
       Find ideas for how students can
       help animals in your community.
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       more classrooms.                     Kind News helps students learn about animals
                                            and think critically about their responsibilities
                                            towards the wellbeing of others. The magazine
                                            encourages empathy and motivates students to take action                to improve the lives of animals. Kind News uses articles and
                                            short features to introduce issues affecting animals and helps
                                            kids understand animal behavior, and how to care for pets.
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       increase engagement in your
       students — whether online or         Find answers to your questions about subscribing to Kind News.
       in-person — and learn more about
       our RedRover Readers program
       that uses stories and discussion to   Looking for more ways to help your students build connection?
       learn about animals and practice     Check out our empathy app, The Restricted Adventures of Raja.
       the steps for empathy. Learn more    It is a bilingual, interactive e-book that includes questions and
                                            play-based learning that parents and educators can use to help
                                            children understand animal behavior and                           COVER: REDROVER; THIS PAGE: NATHAN HANNA/UNSPLASH
                                            practice empathy.
                                            for more information.


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      contributors: heidi colonna, caty franco, keleigh friedrich, minhhan lam, karly noel,   subsidized by charitable donations, is available at $30 per year and each issue includes 28 copies of
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