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Kind News may be gifted to classrooms
                                                                          through the generosity of sponsors.
                                                                          We are grateful for their support and
                                                                          the work they do in local communities.
                                                                          If a sponsor is from your community,
                                                                          please take a moment to recognize their
                                                                          generosity when communicating to
                                                                          parents. Thank you!

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            NOV/DEC 2022         RECOMMENDED FOR GRADES 3-6

           ‘Tis the season of celebration and thanks! In this issue, we’re   Prince William SPCA is celebrating
           exploring a vibrant Mexican holiday and the prized dog who leads   14 years of sponsoring Kind News for
           the way — the xolo made famous by the movie Coco. We’ll learn   classrooms in Prince William County,
           how two girls helped an abandoned rabbit, the differences between   Manassas Park, and Manassas, Virginia.
           wild and domestic animals, and ways to show gratitude for the
           people caring for homeless pets in our communities.

           To access an interactive version of this issue online, visit
  Check out our recommended book list at
                                             PAWS Humane Society has sponsored
                                                                          Kind News subscriptions in NW Illinois
                                                                          classrooms for more than 10 years becuse
                   Charlotte’s Web                                        they believe Kind News helps students
                                                                          understand why treating animals — and
                   Written by E.B. White  |  Illustrated by Garth Williams   people — with kindness matters.
                   Recommended for age 8 and up

                    This is a timeless tale of a pig named Wilbur who learns about
                    life from his barnyard friends, especially a beautiful black
                  spider named Charlotte. A special friendship between Charlotte
           and Wilbur develops, and every night Charlotte creates intricate spider
           webs with words written in them to help save Wilbur from being killed and
           eaten. The reader learns about friendship and compassion in this remark-  Citizens for Animal Protection has been
           able story. Themes include friendship, kindness, and the cycle of life.  serving pets and the people who love them
                     About the Author: E.B. White’s love for animals is evident in his   in the Houston area since 1972. Learn more
                     classic books for children: Charlotte’s Web, Stuart Little, and Trumpet   at
                     of the Swan. He raised and bonded with several pigs on his Maine
                     farm, including one who fell ill and died in 1947, moving him to write
           the 1948 essay, “Death of a Pig.” White also had several Dachshunds and described   To learn more about sponsoring
           one named Fred making regular visits to the ill pig. In 1949, a spider spinning an egg   classrooms with Kind News, email
           sac in White’s barn and her offspring hatched in his New York apartment inspired
           him to write Charlotte’s Web, first released three years later.
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