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         Critter Clues FROM PAGE 7

         Our mystery critter is the chinchilla. Chinchillas are rodents who are native to the Andes Mountains
         of northern Chile. In the wild, they are social animals and live in herds of up to 100. They live in cracks and
         crevices to hide from predators.
           Chinchillas are known for their soft, dense fur. In the 1900s,
         chinchillas were hunted for their fur until they were nearly
         extinct. Today, chinchillas are endangered. Although
         there are laws in place to protect them, they are still
         sometimes victims of poaching. Mining also encroaches
         on their habitat.
           With their unique fur, large eyes and ears, and bushy
         tails, chinchillas are popular pets. However, they need
         special care to make sure they are happy and healthy.
         They need a diet of pellets, timothy hay (which helps
         keep their teeth from growing too long), and leafy
         greens, with occasional treats like raisins, sunflower
         seeds, or dried apples. They also need a multi-level
         enclosure with many places to hide, as well as a place
         to take a dust bath with “chinchilla dust.” Temperature
         control is important for chinchillas, since they can
         overheat in temperatures above 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
           How can you help chinchillas? Before getting a pet chinchilla,
         do your research. Adopt your chinchilla from a shelter or
         rescue. To learn more about proper chinchilla care, visit and search "chinchilla."

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            “Bug” Books: Check out these insect books that spark
    opposite page: redrover; raja: bryan huff. this page: alkir/bigstock.
            discussion and perspective-taking.

               Everything Bug:          What Bug Am I?           Our Amazing             Bugs in Danger:
           What Kids Really Want           Written by            World: Ants           Our Vanishing Bees,
             to Know about Bugs           Skye Wade               Written by         Butterflies and Beetles
                 Written by            Recommended for           Kay de Silva              Written by
               Cherie Winner                all ages          Recommended for            Mark Kurlansky
             Recommended for                                       ages 7-9             Recommended for
                  ages 8-11                                                                 ages 8-12
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