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Parent Guide

                                                                               MAY/JUNE 2022

                                                                       Teaching kindness while
                                                                         helping to instill good
                                                                      reading habits in children.

                                                                       BOOK NOOK
                            KIND TIME

                                                                       What I Like About Toads
                            For summer’s
                            arrival, we’re taking                      Written by Judy Hawes
                            a dive into the                            Illustrated by James & Ruth McRea
                            world’s lakes and                          Recommended for ages 3-7
                           oceans! We’ll explore            Read along as a child explains what they've learned
                          the lives of our
                         “underwater cousins”               about toads, especially the one in their garden, and
                      with ethologist Jonathan              how their feelings about toads have changed over time.
                   Balcombe, including wild fish            “I didn't used to like toads. I thought toads would give
              behavior and how to care for the fish         me warts. Now I know better. I know how lucky I am to
             we bring into our homes. We'll learn           have a toad in my garden...”
             about the science of interacting with
             our pets, get tips for helping toads in
             our neighborhoods, and read a cool             COPYRIGHT: WHAT I LIKE ABOUT TOADS. © 1969 BY THOMAS Y. CROWELL,
             porcupine rescue story.                        NEW YORK, NY.
               This issue also highlights both
             social awareness (the ability to
             understand others’ perspectives and
             empathize with them, including those           SUPPLEMENTAL ACTIVITIES
             who are different from us) and self-           Try this with your child at home:
             awareness (the ability to understand
             one’s own thoughts and feelings, such          CASEL CORE COMPETENCY: SOCIAL AWARENESS,
             as anxiety). Learn more at the                 SELF-AWARENESS To go with “The Secret Life of Fish:”
             Collaborative for Academic, Social             If you have pet fish, ask your child if they’ve observed any
             and Emotional Learning (CASEL)                 of the behaviors Balcombe mentions, such as playing. If
             website,                            you don’t, watch an ocean webcam from The National
                                                            Park Service at
                                                            webcams.htm. Ask your child what people need to be
                                                            happy and healthy. How are the needs of fish similar, and
                                                            how are they different from people? Using the sidebar
           To access an interactive                         “A Better Fish Tank,” check off the ways your tank or
           version of this issue online,                    aquarium setup meets the criteria. Talk with your child
           visit                              about how the environment could be improved. Then,
           Check out our recommended                        have them design and label their “ideal” indoor fish
           book list at                 habitat with a drawing, craft, 3-D model, or digital
                                                            creation. Designs should include space for fish to swim
                                                            and play, rocks or plants to hide behind, a filter,
                                                            thermometer, and heater for fish requiring one.
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