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Kind News may be gifted to
                                                                             classrooms through the generosity
                                                                             of sponsors. We are grateful for
                                                                             their support and the work they
                                                                             do in local communities. If a sponsor
                                                                             is from your community, please
                                                                             take a moment to recognize their
                                                                             generosity when communicating
                                                                             to parents. Thank you!

            Teacher Guide

              JAN/FEB 2021       RECOMMENDED FOR GRADES K-2

                                                                             To learn about our educational
                                  Welcome to 2021! In this                   program for students or groups
                                    issue, we’ll look at the                 ages K-6 visit our website at
                                      fascinating world of mice and          FWACC.ORG.
                                       read what makes these social
                                       little animals tick. We’ll read
                                       about a boy who worked
                                       towards something bigger
                                       than himself, hear the tales
                                      tails can tell, and see a cool
                                     rescue story from one of Kind
                                   News’ very own staff members!

            To access an interactive version of this issue online,
            visit                                              Prince William SPCA is celebrating
            Check out our recommended book list at       13 years of sponsoring Kind News
                                                                             for classrooms in Prince William
            Looking for more ways to help your students build connection?
                                                                             County, Manassas Park, and
            Check out our empathy app, The Restricted Adventures of Raja. It is    Manassas, Virginia.
            a bilingual, interactive series of book and game apps that includes
            questions and play-based learning that parents and educators can
            use to help children understand animal behavior and practice empathy.  To learn more about sponsoring
                                                                             classrooms with Kind News, email
            for more information.

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