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Parent Guide

                                                                             SEPT/OCT 2020

                                                                    Teaching kindness while

                                                                     helping to instill good
                                                                   reading habits in children.

                                                                         BOOK NOOK
            KIND TIME

                           In this issue we’re all about                           Our Wild Calling
                              personality. We’ll take a                             How Connecting
                                 personality quiz, meet                             with Animals Can
                                  cool Claude the parrot,                           Transform Our Lives —
                                   and learn what makes                             and Save Theirs
                                    him tick. We’ll also
                                    examine the secret                              By Richard Louv
                                    lives of bugs, hear a                           Recommended for
                                    kitten rescue story,                            teachers and parents
                                   and see how one boy
                                  took his idea for                This book is a must-read for anyone who
                                change all the way to the          wishes to inspire young people to interact
                             Kentucky statehouse!                  more with the natural world. Our Wild Calling
                                                                   explores the powerful and mysterious bonds
                                                                   we share with all living creatures and how
            Looking for more ways to help your children            strengthening them can transform our
            build connection?  Check out our empathy app,          mental, physical, and spiritual lives. The
                          The Restricted Adventures of Raja.       author relays how these bonds also serve
                          It is a bilingual, interactive series of    as an antidote to the growing epidemic of
                          book and game apps that includes         human loneliness — as individuals and as a
                          questions and play-based learning        species — and help us tap into the empathy
                          that parents can use to help children    required to preserve life on Earth.
                          practice the three steps needed          COPYRIGHT: OUR WILD CALLING.
                                                                   © 2019 BY RICHARD LOUV. REPRODUCED
                          for empathy.                             BY PERMISSION OF THE PUBLISHER,    Coming in
                                                                   ALGONQUIN BOOKS, CHAPEL HILL, NC.  paperback on
                      Visit                                              November
                      for more information.                                                         10!

                      Did you know?                                            Where’s Raja?

          Your local or school library can get a FREE single-copy             Raja is hiding on page 7!
          subscription simply by visiting, selecting the
          individual subscription option, and entering promo code LIB2020.
          RedRover offers virtual readings of animal-themed stories                     a publication of
          with kids! We discuss animal body language, animal and
          human emotions, and friendship between people and animals.
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