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Parent Guide

                                                                             SEPT/OCT 2020

                                                                    Teaching kindness while
                                                                     helping to instill good
                                                                   reading habits in children.

                                                                         BOOK NOOK
            KIND TIME

                             In this issue we’re all                               Sad, the Dog
                                about personality.                                  Written by
                                  We’ll take a personality                          Sandy Fussell
                                    quiz, meet cool                                 Recommended for
                                     Claude the parrot,                             ages 3-7
                                      and learn what
                                      makes him tick.                                A clever little dog
                                       We’ll also examine                            christens himself “Sad”
                                       the secret lives of          when his humans fail to give him a name.
                                      bugs, hear a kitten           Although they feed him and wash him,
                                      rescue story, and             they don’t appreciate his many gifts, like
                                     see how one boy                his love of singing (“stop that yapping!”).
                                    took his idea for               When the people move away and leave
                                  change all the way to             Sad behind, Sad is heartbroken. But then
                                the Kentucky statehouse!            a new family with a young boy arrives at
                                                                    Sad’s house in a big truck. Although Sad
                                                                    is initially frightened, it soon becomes                                        clear that the boy is just the right person
                                                                    to make a dog’s life complete with
           Did you know that                                        playtime, treats, and a brand-new name:
           RedRover offers virtual                                  Lucky. Welcoming illustrations illuminate
           readings of animal-                                      this joyful tale, which reminds young
           themed stories with                                      readers to appreciate themselves and
           kids? We discuss                                         the ones — human or otherwise — who
           animal body language,                                    depend on them.
           animal and human                                         BOOK SUMMARY FROM AMAZON.COM.
           emotions, and friend-                                    COPYRIGHT: SAD, THE DOG. TEXT © 2015 BY SANDY FUSSELL.
                                                                    ILLUSTRATIONS © 2015 BY TULL SUWANNAKIT. REPRODUCED BY
           ship between people                                      PERMISSION OF THE PUBLISHER, CANDLEWICK PRESS, SOMERVILLE,
           and animals. Learn                                       MA ON BEHALF OF WALKER BOOKS, AUSTRALIA.
           more at
           virtualreadings.                                         Did you know?

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